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Divorce Attorneys

Offices in York and Fort Mill, SC

Protecting Your Personal and Financial Future

Not all marriages end up meeting expectations. When your personal situation has reached the point where you are considering divorce, you need a divorce attorney to help you through the process. Even uncontested divorces are complex legally. There are many things that need to be resolved and agreed upon, including division of property and who will take care of the kids. The process is usually very emotional whether you are the one who files for divorce or has divorce papers served.

As experienced divorce attorneys, we help guide you through the entire process of divorce in South Carolina. We help you prepare for what will be expected of you in divorce court. We lead you through the mediation process, and if necessary argue your case in front of a family court judge. Throughout the entire process, we are there to provide sound legal advice through all the legal areas where divorce touches your life.

Division of Property

Equitable division of property is often a sticking point in divorce. We help untangle complex financial situations the right settlement can be reached.

Child Custody

Child custody is often one of the most contested parts of a divorce. We'll explain the options and if needed, fight for your custody rights.

Child Support

South Carolina provides guidelines for child support amounts based on several factors. Not all families fit these guidelines. We'll advise you on whether to fight for an adjustment.


When gaining custody isn't possible, we'll help you fight to stay in your child's life through visitation rights.


Family court judges consider several factors when deciding if and how much alimony is included in a divorce. We provide realistic advice as to what type of settlement to expect based on your individual situation.


Sometimes divorce can be solved by agreement between the two parting spouses. However, when agreement cannot be reached, even through mediation, than you can count our experience in front of a family court judge.

Legal Knowledge and Advocacy

Our knowledge of the law and compassion for our clients translates into superior legal representation. We persistently pursue a successful resolution to your case.



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